Sending an email Newsletter via your Buffini CRM is EASY...

First: Click the Copy Button to Copy the Code to Your Clipboard

Step 1: Open Lion Desk and Click on the Communication Tab

Step 2: Enter the Email Addresses that you are sending the email TO.

Step 3: Enter the Subject:     of your email.

Step 4: Click Source and Paste the Soure Code into the Pop up Window by Clicking Control V in Windows or CMD V on a Mac.

Tip: Keep your full signature in the bottom of the email. See the example below and paste your code ABOVE the code that is on the page.

You can then hit “SEND” and your Newsletter will be sent to your clients!

You have Copied the Code.

If you close this pop up and look at the bottom of this screen there are instructions on how to set up emails for Lion Desk, as well as other popular CRMs. If you use a different CRM, please click the icon and send us a note. We will be happy to login with you and help you succeed.