I use a different CRM 

Not a problem at all! Our Newsletter solution will work with MOST ALL current real estate CRM’s in use today. 

Here are some general instructions and tips to help, but if you need more assistance, we are here to personally assist you as well. 

General Instructions 

Step 1: Copy the Code using the Button on the Page.

Step 2: Log In to your CRM

Step 3: Go to the “Communications”, “Campaign”, or “Email” Section of your CRM. (It is the part of your CRM where you would type the email that you are sending out.)

Step 4: Find the “Source” or “Code” or “Text” Button on the Panel. This is the tricky part because they do not all look alike. When you click on it, you will see a pop up appear where you can PASTE the code.

Step 5: PASTE the code and SAVE it into the email. You should now be able to SEE the Newsletter and SEND it. 

For Additional Help: 

NOTE: In some cases, CRMs look different than above. We are happy to share a screen with you and help you successfully send your newsletter on ANY CRM that is capable of it! Simply fill out the form and we will be happy to meet you online via Zoom and help you do it!

We already have your email and phone number so you only need to add your name!

You have Copied the Code.

If you close this pop up and look at the bottom of this screen there are instructions on how to set up emails for Lion Desk, as well as other popular CRMs. If you use a different CRM, please click the icon and send us a note. We will be happy to login with you and help you succeed.